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22 March 2013 - Extension to house in Cork city underway!
A semi detached house in Cork south city is being extended to cater for the new owners. As well as the two storey extension, the house will be upgraded with new wall, roof and floor insulation and new windows throughout. A new efficient heating sysmem will ensure a nice warm house at low running cost. The new extension will provide pleasant, bright and well laid out livingspace and additional bedrooms.
It is March 2013. Work is about to start. Check back for progress photos and updates!

view of the front of the house

view of the rear of the house

view of the proposed new extension

25 October 2012 - New A-rated house on-site in Co. Wicklow nearing completion.
A top of the range new detached house in Co. Wicklow is nearing completion. The house is to be split level, mix of two and three storeys with spectacular views. Best quality windows, passive solar gain, high quality external insulation, inclusion of heat recovery ventilation and a geothermal heating system will all combine to create an excellent BER rating. The house is well underway and is planned for completion in April 2013.
It is March 2013. The house is finished internally and the driveway, paving, fencing and outside lighting are underway. Check back for progress photos and updates!

Delgany Mar 2013 01
the house seen from the road

Delgany Mar 2013 02
the house seen from the garden

Delgany Mar 2013 03
the main feature stair case set into oval walls, awaiting a good clean!

Delgany Oct 2012 03
another view of the house seen from the road

Delgany Feb 2012 02
other windows patiently awaiting their turn for fitting

Delgany Dec 2011 03
up close view of the external insulation and render

Delgany Nov 2011 04
the house mid November, the roof in process of being covered

Delgany Oct 2011 04
view of the already installed curved feature stairwell under construction

Delgany Rear
view from the rear garden of the house as it will be when completed

Delgany Front
view from the street of the house when completed

Delgany May 2011
the site in 2011

22 May 2012 - House extension in the North West completed.
A two storey extension to the back of a historical farmhouse has transformed this house from many small and dark dis-jointed spaces into a spacious, bright and warm home. The extension has been designed to compliment the existing house inside and outside, with nice windows and doors providing a visual connection to the well tended garden.
The work is completed and the wood burning stove is providing fantastic heat to the "new" house. Here are photos of the completed house!

the front of the house giving nothing away of the beautiful extension behind it

only with a peek through the side gate can one see a glimpse of the new work

view from the private rear garden, showing the vernacular arrangement of the old buildings, with the new element fitting in superbly

view of the side of the house, closer inspection revealing the old house and "new" house behind

the new extension peeking past the old shed when seen from the rear garden

the fantastic visual dialogue between the house and the old farm building

the remodelled livingroom in the new part of the house, interacting with the old house, the garden and the old farm buildings

the new master bedroom with windows overlooking the gardens

the simple but elegant bathroom

even when relaxing in the bath there is enjoyment of the surrounding landscape

bringing the outside in, the use of brightly coloured walls provides for a remarkable feature in the scale of the vernacular buildings and landscape setting

the rear of the house December 2012, with the roof on, slates on the way

the rear of the house November 2011, with blockwork and steel completed, the roof is next

a sketch of the proposed extension at the rear of the house, Summer 2011

the rear of the house at the end of September 2011 with the new subfloor already in place

31 March 2012 - HomeArchitect.ie now available on Simon Open Door on Saturday 12 May!
HomeArchitect.ie are now available under the Simon Open Door booking website, under the name Studio D Architects. A limited number of appointments on Saturday 12 May are open to be booked. This is the 8th year that the Simon Communities of Ireland has partnered with the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland. Over the course of this wonderful partnership almost 265,000euro has been raised for the Simon Communities of Ireland. Anyone can sign up and in return for a 50euro donation to Simon, receive an hour long consultation with a certified RIAI Architect who can give advice on a range of issues relating to your home. Every penny raised goes towards the work of the Simon Communities of Ireland. Click on Simon Open Door to check it out and book your consultation with Studio D Architects!

25 February 2012 - Two storey extension to house in North Dublin under way.
A small, typical and sweet semi-deached house located on a tricky corner site is being extended to provide additional livingroom and bedroom space. The new extension is over two storeys, and maximises the triangilar garden area while keeping as much rear garden available for recreation. New high quality double glazed windows and insulating of the existing house will all add to the much improved BER rating.
It is now the end of February, the builder is on-site since January. Builder Peter Small of Thornwood Construction is going at it hammer and tongs. In the last few days the house is now covered in. The windows are ordered and internal work is starting. The new angled roof has been measured up well and worked out a dream when matching in. Peter Small will tell you to "measure twice and cut only once". Check back for progress photos and updates!

the walls and roof of new extension are now in place

the new house extension as seen from Larkhill Road, it looks nearly like a new house from here

the new roof with unusual angles, "measure twice and cut only once"

up close view of the set-out of the new angled roof - have to get it right first time!

the house on 09 February, all except one builder on a tea break, that is dedication

the house on 09 February, the blockwork is up and the roof is being set out

the house before we started work

the house

22 February 2012 - Two storey extension in Wexford in for planning permission.
A tiny one bedroom cottage in the Wexford countryside is being provided with a substantial extension. The present cottage houses a family with two children, and is finally planned for expansion. A modern, flat roof block behind the house will provide a juxtaposed backdrop to the existing small house, without trying to compete in style or size. The new house will be built to Passive standards with triple glazed windows, high levels of insulation and a heat recovery ventilation system.
It is February and the planning application is being processed by Wexford County Council. Check back for progress and updates!

existing cottage seen from the rear garden

existing cottage, facing the road

computer image of the house with new extension as seen from the road

computer image of the house with new extension as seen from the side lane

computer image of the house with new extension, facing the rear garden

computer image of the house with new extension, approach from the west

23 January 2012 - HomeArchitect have opened their Facebook page!
Yes, we have belatedly started our Facebook page. It will display a pile of photos of past and present projects, and allow an informal discussion forum on various interesting subjects. It will take a little time to build up a nice library of pictures, but please have a look - click on our facebook page HomeArchitect.ie and have a gander!
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03 October 2011 - Revolutionary "Active House" in south Dublin gearing up for construction.
An existing 1950s bungalow in south Dublin is to be replaced with a revolutionary "Active House". This "Active House" is a concept that is being developed internationally, based on three parameters. ENERGY - The house will contribute positively to the energy balance of the building. An "Active House" is to be energy efficient, all energy needed is supplied by renewable energy sources integrated in the building, or from the nearby communal energy system and electricity grid. INDOOR CLIMATE - The house creates a healthy and more comfortable life for the owners. An "Active House" ensures a generous supply of daylight and fresh air. Materials used have a positive impact on comfort and indoor climate. ENVIRONMENT - The house will have a positive impact on the environment. An "Active House" interacts positively with the environment by means of an optimised relationship with the local environment, focused use of resources, and on its overall environmental impact throughout its life cycle. For interested readers more information can be found on www.activehouse.info. In this south Dublin house the majority of energy production will be by use of photovoltaic panels situated on the flat roof element, and on the pitched roofs to the side of the house. Other eco friendly elements include excellently insulated building envelope (walls, roof, floor), triple glazed windows, "passive" heat storage in the floor slabs, heat recovery ventilation, rainwater storage and re-use, and a once-off re-use of the existing house materials for foundation, fill and firewood. The house itself has been designed on a "lifetime" scheme, where the three floors are interconnected by a generous passenger lift, and each floor has been laid out with generously designed rooms and circulation hallways.

WB front ex
the existing house

WB front new
view of the front of the house when it will be completed

WB rear new
view of the rear of the house as it will be when finished

23 September 2011 - New house proposal for side garden in south Dublin.
A side garden offers potential for a super new house in south Dublin. Often sold off and developed during the boom years, this large side garden has survived with the main house. With the slower pace, much lower building prices and the explosion of knowledge about future-proofing housing, it offers a super opportunity to build a detached "Passive" or "Active" house for the owners. For the un-initiated, a "Passive" house is a house so well insulated that it requires no active heating system to provide a comfortable indoor climate. This is achieved by super insulated walls, windows, floor and roof, together with very air-tight construction which eliminates draughts. Fresh air in the house is provided by an energy-efficient ventilation system. The house is heated by south facing windows, the occupants, lights and machinery (toaster, kettle, washingmachine) and has a back-up stove or fireplace. An "Active" house is a house that generates more energy than it uses. This is achieved by "active" technology like solar panels (thermal and photovoltaic), lots of south facing glazing, and suchlike. The excess energy is generally exported to the electricity grid.

SD front view
view of the proposed corner house from the main road

SD corner view
view from the corner

11 July 2011 - House extension in Dublin 4 nearing completion.
A terraced house is being extended at the rear with a simple but warm and bright kitchen and diningroom extension, which will open up the house to the garden. Builder Robert Doyle is working hard to have the Clients back in the house shortly.

progress on the extension end-June inside

progress on the extension end-June outside

progress on the extension mid-June

a quick sketch of how the rear extension will look

a sketch of the new ground floor arrangement

04 July 2011 - HomeArchitect Cost Calculator updated.
The HomeArchitect Cost Calculator on our website has been updated to reflect the reduced building costs in Ireland since 2010. Have a go and see what that extension you have been thinking about might cost. It is free to use, no registering required. However, it is helpful to have an idea of the floor areas involved so you will get the most out of it.

04 July 2011 - House extension in Lucan completed.
A semi-detached house at the end of the street is extended with a warm and light filled kitchen and livingroom extension, part of which hosts a home-based montessori.

the house before work started

also the house before work started

view from the garden towards the new extension

the new livingrooms and montessori interact with the raised terrace area

the new rooms are designed to catch as much sunlight and daylight as is going round

inside the montessori with a view of the garden and sunlight beaming in

close-up of the montessori room and the large windows giving a visual connection to the outside

Here is what the clients had to say: "HomeArchitect changed not just our home but the way we live. Their inspired design for our extension has provided us with two fabulous family rooms that optimise light and space and look fantastic too. The service we received was both professional and reassuring, from the initial home visit right throughout the build process to the final sign off. We are absolutely delighted with the finished product and would highly recommend HomeArchitect to anyone contemplating extending or building".

13 May 2011 - Grants for homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their houses have been decreased.
As of midnight on 09 May the government has announced that with immediate effect most home energy grants are being reduced in value by 20%. Some are discontinued (e.g. wood pellet boilers), one is being left as is (external insulation at 4000euro). The object is to make the grant money available to more homes. It is also to reflect the decrease in overall construction costs. If you are planning to apply for a Better Energy Homes scheme grant, more information can be found on www.seai.ie. The Home Energy Saving (HES) scheme is now closed.

11 February 2011 - Article on Passive Houses being put together and will be here to read shortly.
HomeArchitect.ie have combined their experience and knowledge on Passive House design to bring you a plain-language article on Passive Houses. The aim of our research is to be able to bring you a new Passive House for the same build-cost as a standard home. As we all know, Passive Houses are homes that are so well designed and insulated that they do not require a standard heating system. Keep your eyes peeled, we hope to publish the article later this month!

08 February 2011 - Energy monitoring of completed house in Foxrock in progress.
Our new A2 rated house completed recently in Foxrock is being closely monitored for actual energy use by the occupier. The house is highly insulated with cold bridges eliminated, and relies on an air-to-water heat pump, heat recovery ventilation and solar panels. A double sided open fire with glass doors and heat convection provides additional warmth in winter. This monitoring will assist our on-the-ground research into how very well insulated and airtight houses perform in real life as opposed to calculations.

view from the front garden

view from the side garden

view from the rear garden

01 February 2011 - House extension and remodelling in Bray completed.
A semi-detached house in Bray is extended with a red brick extension to the front, to provide a downstairs bathroom and a larger entrance hallway. The existing rear extension is remodelled by opening up the existing ceiling and installing rooflights. The kitchen is now relocated to what used to be the diningroom, and looks out into the livingspace.

the view from the rear extension after the internal work was completed, showing the remodelled kitchen

the front of the house with the new red brick extension

view from the kitchen into the remodelled rear livingroom extension. The raised ceiling with the three rooflights provides huge amounts of daylight

12 January 2011 - Permission granted for extension and renovation in north County Dublin.
A historical cottage in the same family for most its existence is planned to be rejuvenated into a modern family home while respecting the historical setting.

09HA016 before
the cottage as existing

09HA016 living dining
the new scheme inside

09HA016 rear top view
the design as seen from the rear garden

we hope to start into realising the project later this year.

09 January 2011 - HomeArchitect.ie featured in the Sunday Times Property supplement.
An article written by Boris de Swart and Greg Tisdall showcases the ten most common traps to avoid when planning to extend or renovate your home. The full illustrated article can be viewed on the HomeArchitect Home Page, and is called the Top Tips.

03 the helpful builder
The helpful builder!

05 January 2011 - House extension on the West Coast completed.
A house extension to the rear of a bungalow in the West has been officially completed. The new extension involved a modest remodelling of the existing extension, and opened up the living area house to the sunny garden. Triple glazed windows help to look after good insulation, and together with excellent draughtproofing make sure this house will be very cosy on any stormy winter evenings.

01 Rear Before
the house before any work

08 Sketch 01
a sketch of what the finished project would look like

03 Rear After
the house after the builder Steve O'Malley was finished

07 Interior After
the inside of the renovated livingspace, with huge amounts of light and space

We are very proud of this wonderful extension which has transformed the house and how it is lived in.

Here is what the clients had to say: "HomeArchitect.ie provided us with an extremely professional and accessible service. We feel that they helped us to maximise the potential of our property by designing a tasteful extension which exceeded our expectations in terms of light, comfort, space and functionality. We would highly recommend HomeArchitect to anyone out there contemplating a home extension"..

01 January 2011 - Check out our sister office Studio D Architects.
Our sister office website www.studiod.ie shows a number of completed projects on the website. Click on Studio D Architects and have a look!

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